As an artist, I am interested in the lines, textures and natural patterns of the landscape.   I work in a variety of media which then crosses over into my drypoint and linocut prints.  My work tends to evolve organically in response to the medium and/or landscape.

I have always been drawn to the sea and this project has provided me with the best excuse to justify spending time doing two of my favourite occupations – walking  and exploring, always curious to see what is around the next bend along the coast, and sketching outside.   Returning to a variety of coastal locations over a period of time in all seasons and weathers, I find places change, sometimes quite subtly, sometimes very dramatically.  I pick up on the changing atmosphere of these particular sites and try to inject a real ‘sense of place’ into my sketchbooks together with notes, which I endeavour to transfer to my finished pieces of work.

Karenza Jackson is a freelance creative practitioner with many years of working with children, adults, people with special needs and the elderly in the community.

I am  mainly concentrating on one and 2 day art workshops for adults out in the landscape and teaching various art groups.
I am involved with children’s workshops at the Ipswich Museum.
Also, I am involved in the Aspire Project at Christchurch Mansion focussing on the John Constable 6 footer ‘Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows’ which was bought by the Tate and other galleries including Colchester & Ipswich Museums for £23.1million. Christchurch Mansion has got the picture for a year and I shall be working with children over two days doing  monoprinting workshops at half term.
I am also working towards a solo show – landscapes in mixed media (as per the new work above) at the John Russell Gallery  13th July-8th August 2015.

She also runs a programme of arts workshops for adults from her studio in Essex. She is a member of Gainsborough’s House and Print Workshop, and a member of Firstsite, Colchester.  She has a BA in Fine Art, practicing as an artist and printmaker and exhibits her work in East Anglia.