For three years we have, collectively and individually, walked, swum and sailed the Suffolk coast. We have traced the shoreline in snow, rain and howling winds; with hot water bottles strapped to our bodies and flasks of tea to fuel us, we have drawn, painted and written the landscape.


We’ve sat through balmy, sun-filled hours, watched sun and moon rise and set; seen the port lights compete with the stars; followed the paths of container ships and seals; picked up pebbles, shells, wax and corn husks from the shore. We’ve told stories, dropped words into the sea, and dreamed of what lay beneath the waves.

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Tidal Margins Poster FINAL

Tidal Margins is a project involving six artists, three writers and two photographers. The project began with the publication of a report by the Crown Estates in 2010 “Art as a tool in the support of the understanding of coastal change in East Anglia”, which looked at the work of over 200 artists produced between 1770 and 1940 in order to chart the evolving shape of the Suffolk Coastline.  Tidal Margins aims to explore a contemporary sense of place, continuing in this long line of artists who have taken this landscape as their inspiration.

James Canton

Hugh de las Casas

Liz Ferretti

Julie Garton

Jennifer Hall

Joan Hodes

Heather Hodgson

Karenza Jackson

Juliet Lockhart

Eamonn McCabe

Margaret Wyllie