I am a sculptor, puppet maker and sometime writer.

I am drawn to borders; in the landscape it is where sea meets land, where open space meets woodland, where rock meets sky.  In narrative it is the moment we poise on the brink of one world, take a leap and are shown it is possible to change, to transform and to wonder.  Puppets stand on the cusp of what is real and what is longed for, they are figures of metamorphosis, objects as much dead as alive.

I am, intrinsically, a storyteller.  Words drip ideas, beginnings of thought patterns that form solid pieces of work and in turn they slide back into words.  Narrative weaves it way through the puppets I make.  I am curious about human stories and the layers of story that lie waiting beneath the surface of our landscape.

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The following images are of  new work for Tidal Margins 3 shown at the Ipswich Art School Gallery in 2014


The Crossing Place 2014 Mixed Media


The Crossing Place Detail 2014 Mixed Media


Mr Punch 2014 Mixed Media


Boxed Foundlings 2014 Mixed Media


Mothers Unknown 2014 Mixed Media

photo 1

Mother No3-unknown-Suffolk 2014 Mixed Media

photo 2

Mother No2-unknown-Suffolk 2014 Mixed Media


Each figure is made from findings made from one walk in one place.  Broken shells; spars of wood; plastic, bleached like bones; bits of rope and tangled fishing line; a silk rose and shards of sea polished glass are collected, bleached, categorised, boxed and labelled with the time and date and location of the walk on which it was found.

These initial findings come from a tidal landscape.

A place of constant change, a shape shifting, volatile place. The product of a place where natural forces come together with human forces sometimes in opposition and sometimes as one.  They are salvaged materials from salvaged places, fragments of memories that come together momentarily in between the tides.

Foundlings are constructed bodies that become a physical manifestation of the spirit of a place.

Juliet Lockhart is a sculptor and installation artist.     She has curated exhibitions and shows her work in Suffolk and London.  She has a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Literature and Creative Writing. She has worked for many years as a freelance creative practitioner in schools and in the community.  In 2015 she founded lockARTS – unlocking arts and minds – a charity delivering  arts in mental health projects.   She is an experienced arts project manager and is the artistic director for lockARTS.